CURATE.NO is Malin Barth, Anne Szefer Karlsen, Sissel Lillebostad.

We are a curator collective based in Bergen on the west coast of Norway. Our aim is to through collaborative projects initiate exhibitions and projects both inside and outside of the white cube. Through texts we will try to shed light on issues concerning contemporary art and those things close to it; public space, audience, collaborations etc.

Our backgrounds are diverse, but we all started as practicing visual artists. Malin early in her career moved on to art managment and commercial gallery work in New York. Her experience spans from curating experimental public art commissions to large traveling exhibitions to intimate solo shows inside the white cube. Anne graduated from the first post-MA creative curating course in Norway in 2006. Her background is from artistic collaborations, exhibitions production and independent curating. Sissel has a theoretical as well as artistic background, her MA art history dissertation was called "In the eye of the beholder - an exploration of the perception of an ambigous artwork". She has lectured widely on different topics, had theory workshops for artists and commissioned public art pieces. was founded in 2005.
Malin is currently the director of Hordaland International Gallery 3,14 /  Anne is currently director of Hordaland Art Centre (HKS) / Sissel is currently co-ordinator of the MA Creative Curating at Bergen National Academy of the Arts